Introducing JSON

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is an open format for transferring data. It derives from the JavaScript language and is a popular alternative to XML because it’s lightweight and easily human-readable. Here’s what it might look like: { “name”: “John”, “surname”: “Smith”, “age”: 42, “address”: “Dent Street, Gallifrey”, “postal code”: “6900”, “tags”: [“time”, “traveller”] }

Precaricamento di immagini in JavaScript

Il precaricamento di immagini é una pratica usata spesso in JavaScript.Il concetto é molto semplice: una volta che il resto della pagina é stato caricato, si carica nella cache del browser l’immagine all’insaputa dell’utente.In questo modo, quando serve, l’immagine puó essere visualizzata più velocemente, senza più dover attendere che sia caricata.In molte applicazioni, questa tecnica

Creating a secure contact form

One common application in web development is creating a contact form. The basic concept is very simple: you display a form, the user submits it and you send the submitted input to your self. There is, however, and inherent danger in this form: spammer bots may use it to send spam not only to you,

PHP: creating an automatic and dynamic banner

In this article I will illustrate a relatively simple PHP application, but which contains a couple of useful techniques: creating an automatic and dynamic banner. To keep it simple, it will simply be a series of images, but these techniques could really be used for anything at all. Nonetheless, it will include a couple of